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We are implementing the Love Alliance activities with Aidsfonds for key population groups.


On-going Project Activities
  • Eliminating violence, stigma and discrimination against key population groups (Love Alliance- Aidsfonds)
  • Community-led response to GBV policy monitoring (Joint Gender Fund – HlanganiSA)
  • Strengthen participation of adolescent girls and young women in SRHR policy processes (Her Voice Fund – YPlus, Global Funds, ViiV Healthcare)
  • Empowerment of adolescent girls and young women with computer literacy skills (Her-Voice Rapid Response)
  • Enhancing the health and well-being of women in rural communities (Women’s Voice & Leadership- Gender Links)
  • Covid-19 GBV response (Solidarity Fund)

Workshop participants on Human Rights and Security Awareness for key population groups

Participants at the launch of our Love-Alliance activities in the Eastern Cape

Engagement with key population group (PWUDs) in Port Edward

Session with adolescent girls and young women on available services to at-risk individuals.

Computer literacy training for AGYWs supported by Her Voice

Engagement with youth on GBV in Cingweni, Eastern Cape,

Session with mixed group of community members on gender-based violence in Bremah, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Past Project Activities
  • Super Sister Dialogues. Mobilising and advocating for the participation of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in national Global Fund processes, through engagement to monitor and improve access to sexual and reproductive health services in community clinics across Ugu and Alfred Nzo districts. Supported by HER VOICE Funds, through ViiV HealthCare, Global Funds and GNP+

AGYW at Launch of Super Sister Dialogues. Participants at launch of Super Sister Dialogues. Facilitating a Super Sister Dialogue

  • ASRHR (Voice & Agency, Health and Wellbeing). We advocate for the sexual reproductive health rights of adolescent girls and young women. Promoting access to youth friendly services (YFS) in clinics, menstrual hygiene education in schools and rural communities. Supported by Her-Voice Funds, Pollination Project and the ASRHR Coalition, our volunteers have provided peer education and support to more than 650 young women and girls in 6 communities in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces.

Community Peer Educators in KZN

Training workshop for AGYW in Eastern Cape

Providing menstrual hygiene materials350

Adolescent school-girls provided with sanitary pads

Our work with adolescent girls and young women in SRHR was recently awarded with a recognition at the Women’s Voice and Leadership Summit.

  • Gender Based Violence. Supported by various partners, our community volunteers have conducted awareness activities in communities to amplify voices against violence against women and children. We partner with Philisa-Imbokodo to provide shelter and psycho-social support to victims of violence. In line with this, we also provide food parcels, sanitary materials and cash-based interventions.

Training and menstrual hygiene education

Community sensitization activities

Launch of the Hear, See, Tell campaign against gender-based violence in rural communities of Eastern Cape and Kwa-zulu Natal

  • Supported by the African GBV Observatory, we launched the #hearseetell campaign to encourage reporting of violence against women and children in rural communities.

    In partnership with HlanganiSA and supported by the Joint Gender Fund, we are implementing the “Community-Led Advocacy Response to GBV Policies” in the Bremah community of Kwa-zulu Natal Province. This project will strengthen community monitoring of the implementation of national policies around gender-based violence.

  • Socio-economic Rights: All human rights are equal and indivisible, we campaign against all actions that deny the full enjoyment of rights among all. These rights include access to education, health, shelter and access to food.

Providing food parcels and other items to at-risk women and girls in 6 communities across KZN and EC provinces

  • Social Accountability and Good Governance. Community members are empowered to demand accountability from those responsible for providing services. Supported by our social partners, we have created a platform for engagement between community members and local officials. Our intervention include training in the use of social accountability tools and mechanisms, such as the Citizen Report or Scorecard.
  • Women’s Voice & Leadership: Our organization is driven by a feminist ideology with a belief in the value of gender equality and equity. Our leadership and management mirrors this and continues to advocate for inclusiveness in community development. Many of our activities also have a primary focus on the leadership, involvement and participation of women and girls.

Presentation at the civil society dialogue hosted by Covid-19 Community Front & Gender Links

Presentation at the online dialogue hosted by Gender Links

  • ·         Economic Justice & Livelihoods support: Providing opportunities for rural community members, especially women, to engage in productive activities such as profitable farming and other income generating activities is key to promoting gender equality and eliminating gender based violence. This inevitably improves household incomes and nutrition, promoting local economic development. Our aim is to support projects in vegetable production, mushroom production, livestock and poultry production which benefits rural communities. We also look forward to partnering with the Women Foundation Financial Services and the African Women in Energy, to support financial inclusion as well as local entrepreneurial activities among female-headed businesses in the renewable energy sector, trade and in the circular economy.

Partners, Supporters & Donors

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